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I know there’s too much going on in the world right now so I don’t expect you to know what is happening in Brazil at the moment. But if you’ve been following the news about my South American country you will know we’re in the midst of a serious political/economical/social crisis at the moment. The party who has ben in power for the last 13 years is being ousted by the people, the judiciary and any other powers that count in this country. But they are not going without a fight. In spite of the fact that they have run the country’s economy to the ground and stolen a mind boggling amount of money (somewhere in the billions of dollars and euros and that’s just the part we know so far) they are fighting the judges and the country to try and stay in power. Just to give you an inkling: the former president is under investigation and had an arrest warrant issued for him. In order to get him off the hook, the current president (who is being impeached as we speak), invited him to be one of the most important ministers in her cabinet. Understandably the country has gone wild. The Supreme Justice courts have barred this nomination. He and his party have repeatedly tried to circumvent this.

The news changes by the hour. So I haven’t had much mental or emotional space to create anything in the midsts of this upheaval.

I’ll be back with the normal postings of new images next tuesday, march 29. Thank you for your understanding. See you next week! 🙂

Eu sei que tem muita coisa acontecendo no mundo no momento e, se vocĂȘ nĂŁo Ă© brasileiro,  nĂŁo espero que vocĂȘ saiba o que estĂĄ acontecendo no Brasil no momento. Mas se vocĂȘ tem seguido as notĂ­cias sobre meu paĂ­s aqui na AmĂ©rica do Sul vocĂȘ jĂĄ sabe que estamos no meio de uma crise polĂ­tica/econĂŽmica e social no momento.

As notícias mudam a cada hora e por isto não tive energia mental ou emocional para criar nada no meio desta bagunça. Voltarei a postar novas imagens na terça-feira que vem, dia 29 de Março. Obrigada pela sua compreensão.

Nos vemos semana que vem! 🙂