Project Childhood (2013-2014)

52 weeks documenting the extraordinary hidden within the mundane.

Started in September 2013, this project begun as way of documenting the childhood of my nephews and nieces. At the time I would post 5 pictures every week for 52 weeks, or one year.

With the advent of the internet and ever more gadgets intruding in our daily lives, it’s more and more common to see children glued to their tablets instead of playing outside, making up worlds and games as they form their sense of the world and their place in it. This project was a way of documenting an almost disappearing world, where play and real life interactions are the norm.

So much of photography is used for posing that we sometimes forget how beautiful a simple, ordinary life can be. Childhood is seen with such nostalgia by so many of us that I wanted to capture that. The moments that made us who we are. The memories we carry, the stories, the relationships we had when everything was simpler and brighter.

Climbing trees, make-believe, sibling love and rivalry, all the experiences that fill our days leaving such a strong imprint in all of us and yet goes by so fast. (click on the picture to enter the gallery)

Capa P.Infancia